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Devised, Visual & Physical Theatre Training


The body knows things about which the mind is ignorant.”

Jacques Lecoq


Object Theatre Workshop 

Kulturtempel, Gothenburg, Sweden,

GFF 2021

During a 60 minute workshop participants had the opportunity to explore the performative use of objects and experiment with the material of ice and its possibilities echoing the journey of performers working with embodiment and eco scenography in the creation of An Ice Thing to Say performance Installation. We explored the themes of nature, got in touch with our inner and outer landscapes and identified the possibilities of embodiment of the world around us.

Participants invited to engage with their personal and collective imagination, exploring the power of 'telling a story' through the use of natural and found objects and Scenography. 


Neutral Masks: The poetic body in Theatre and Life 

Anamuh, February 2019, Budapest

During this weekend workshop participants from all walks of life will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the process of embodiment and work with the Neutral Maskof J. Lecoq.

On the first day we will explore the ‘fundamental journey’ diving into personal and collective landscapes of our bodies – from the sea to the desert – and create dialogues between body, imagination, mind, heart and the poetic dimensions of our selves.

We will try to (re) discover the relationship between our physical bodies and our poetic bodies and how these discoveries can live as constructions in the theatrical space.

On the second day, we will work with the Neutral Mask and myths ‘testing’ and ‘tasting’ our capacity for becoming an ‘ensemble’ and create a short piece of devised performance.


Choreographic Theatre, Master Class

with Enrique Pardo from Pantheatre April  2013, London

Enrique Pardo led this special Open Workshop / Master Class to introduce his take on choreographic theatre, with the inclusion of texts and voice performance.

The event organized by Vertebra Theatre around a project on the figure of Orpheus. Enrique, a specialist in mythology, presented Orpheus Drenched in Sweat and his dialogues with the late James Hillman. 


Community Engagement
Community Engagement

Puppetry and Objects in Dramatherapy: Encountering the strange and the unshaped

Performing the world, October 2014, New York

During a 60 minute workshop participants of Performing the World 2014 had the opportunity to explore the therapeutic and performative use of puppets and object theatre. Participants improvise, play, and experiment while creating their own puppet. They have been invited to creatively engage with their personal, collective and mythopoetic imagination, exploring the power of 'telling a story' through the use of Puppetry. There was a QnA of the therapeutic use of puppetry and performance in mental health settings with service users at the stage of recovery.

Vertebra Theatre & Jewish Care co-Production

Betty and Asher Loftus Centre, 2014 - 2015


Intergenerational Performance

Elders of +80 devised and performed Romeo and Juliet as part of Shakespeare 400 years anniversary from his death, alongside young puppeteers who animated a giant puppet - Juliet and live music performed by residents of the care home. 

This was an intergenerational project funded by Jewish Care Creative Arts Development facilitated by Vertebra and performed at an invited audience at Betty and Asher Loftus Centre.

The giant puppet kindly provided by Arcola Theatre.


Short Film Animation 

''Culture Is...'' was a documentary animation project involving carers, staff and elders to tell stories about culture and identity. The project lasted for a year and included devised short films from elders at risk of isolation, found and old footage from their families, live animation and impromptu interviews. The aim was to familiarise elders with new technology.

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